The mobile teddy bear-exhibition of Dresden-based collector Lutz Reike is ready to take a journey

Open-minded/ family-friendly/ mobile

Before the exhibition starts its journey, it will be on display in Germany.
Afterwards, a trip to the US is projected.
Germany and the USA are the two home countries of teddy bears.

Current exhibitions:

19.11.2018 - 05.01.2019 "My friend the Teddy Bear" in the Center Gera Arcaden
11.01.2019 - 09.05.2019 "Teddy wants to travel" in the Castle Wildeck, Zschopau
26.08.2019 - 14.09.2019 "My friend the Teddy Bear" in the Allee-Center Berlin
November 2019 - Easter 2020 exhibition in the Fichtelgebirgsmuseum in Wunsiedel

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